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Business Activities

Open bid Tender:

  1. Alpha Trading participates in the Bangladesh Armed Forces Annual Tender of “Directorate General Defence Purchase (DGDP)” which is one of the largest medical item tenderer of the country. It has received valued order from the DGDP consequently for last 14 (Fourteen) years.
  2. It has also received different valued order from the tender of different Govt. Hospitals, Organization, BIRDEM (Diabetic Hospital of Bangladesh), WHO, KOICA and other Local / International Donor Organization which has been supplied / Installed successfully.
  3. It also participated in the open bid tender of International level hospital and Local (Large) hospitals in the country.

Bulk sale/Corporate sale: Alpha Trading supplies to different Govt. and Private hospitals, Clinics, Local / International Donor Organization and Private practitioners against orders.

Retail sales: It also retails all kind of Medical Equipment, Instruments, Implants and consumables to the Hospitals, Clinics, Private Practitioners. Therefore, it maintains a good stock of medical equipments and disposable / consumables.

Training: Alpha Trading provides Training to local surgeons in home and abroad with the assistance of its business partner through workshop, seminar and on Hand surgery etc. It also provides training to the technical personnel of the Hospital on supplied equipment.

Team Leader: Mr. Md. Bayezidur Rahman, Chief Executive is the team leader of the company.

Planning Department: Md. Rafiqul Islam Rowly, Chief of business Planning is the head and key person of the planning department who plays key roll in planning of the activities of the company such, finance, launching of new product(s), Marketing Activities.

Marketing Team: It has a very strong marketing/ Sales team those who are trained and experienced in the related field that is directly headed and supervised by the Chief Executive.

Workshop / Servicing Department: It has the adequate trained personal to provide service the user of the Equipment and has a workshop for the maintenance of the system.