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This business home represent following manufacturers:

adeor Medical AG‘ Germany, for Spine Dril.

Bioretec Ltd’ Finland for Biomaterials products.

Cominox S.r.l’ Italy for Autoclave System.

CSZ International’ USA for Patient Warming Systems.

Eberle GmbH & Co. KG Medizintechnik’ Germany for Arthroscopy system.

‘i-Dental’ Italy for Dental Items.

HC Italia srl’ Italy for Uroflowmeer.

Infinium Medical’ USA for Patient Monitor and OT Equipments.

RIMSA’ Itay for Medical lights.

Teknimed’ France for Biomaterials Items.

THT Bio Science’ France for Arthroscopy items.

LED SpA’ Italy, for Physiotherapy Equipments.

MANMAN’ Pune, India Electric Drill system for Ortho, Neuro & Cardiac Surgery.

Medco Manufacturing Company’ USA for Plastic Surgery and Lipo Suction Machine.

Prognosys Ltd., India for Imaging Systems.

Rebstock Instruments GmbH, Germany for Surgical Instruments.

Wagner Polymertechnik GmbH, Germany for Artificial Limb Items.

Palakkad Surgical Industries Ltd.’ Kerala, South India for OT Table.

Shakti Orthopaedics (P) Ltd’ Delhi, India for Orthopaedic Instruments & Implants.

And Developing New Contacts: